I am Sarah Williams,  the athletes identity coach.

"You are more than what you do; as a sport, as a parent, as a partner and as a career."

Committed to helping current and former competitive athletes, leaders, teams, parents, and partners, create an identity outside of what they, to ignite the desire to become an elite performer with passion and purpose in work, sports, and life.

Being an athlete is all I desired to be as a kid, sports were my outlet. Playing sports was the one place I felt most like myself, and could be distracted from many of life's challenges. 

My dream was to become a professional athlete. It did not matter which sport, I was just completely driven to reach my highest potential as an athlete, no matter at what cost. 

I fell victim to athletic Identity at a time or two in my personal life.  Sports were my entire life.  I spent so much time perfecting my sport, I completely lost sight of everything else that needed my attention. 

I have suffered multiple devastating injuries which ended up with me giving up on my dreams. 

What I experienced was a loss of so much more than my sport.  I had no idea who I was, what I liked to do, loss of friends, relationships, and so many other things. 

However, I knew there was more left in me and I was meant to do more with the talents I have. That is when I discovered my new purpose. 

I am determined to help others learn who you are at the core, live according to your values, be prepared for adversity, create a vision and plan for life after sports and much more.  

I am a results driven professional, and certified life and identity coach who has helped hundreds of people.

"Be who you are born to be, not what your circumstances have made you become."

- Sarah Williams

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