Athletic Mindset

Why Me:

I am an expert in my field because; I am you.  I share the desire to be the best, I understand the athletic brain, and my philosophy of second place is the first loser has pushed me to unbelievable accomplishments.  



I have suffered a number of Traumatic Brain injuries along with other fractures, neck surgery for 2 disc replacements, knee trauma, hip injuries and many other pesky injuries. I have been an athlete of one or more sports for as long as I can remember.  Sports created a very healthy outlet for me to deal with other stresses in my life.  So why has it been so hard to recover and get back to sport with success? 

I learned I was suffering from many of the following disorders, Can you relate?  Are you also suffering from anxiety, depression, anger/frustration, panic attacks, isolation, lack of identity to your sport, irregular sleep patterns, PTSD, Post Concussive Disorder or Concussion? 


Do you feel like your cognitive abilities have declined or even your desire to play has diminished?  


Concussion is one of the most frustrating as an athlete to recover from as there is no visible injury and most do not have an understanding of how a Traumatic Injury affects the entire body.  There are many components to recovering from a head injury and the affects can last a very long time.  This is so much worse than recovering from an injury people can see. 


If you are feeling emotional distress and cognitive affects don't worry you are not alone and I specialize in this area. You will get through this and I will join your team anytime.  What you are experiencing is real, and I completely understand. I will help you get back to what you love.  

When you see a Doctor for any of these injuries, we are not given tools to navigate these injuries and how they affect our daily lives.  They are treating the injury itself and leave us to fend for ourselves with the rest.  Without proper mental health and a Mental Rehabilitation coach you are navigating totally blind.  

Good Ole Boys Thinking:

We have been coached for many years to keep going through the pain or you are not tough.  If it isn't broke, don't fix it.  If you hurt, don't cry or it will show others you are weak.  We have been taught that when we get cleared from Physical Therapy or the Doctor, we are all ready to go back to the field and play our hearts out. But are we really ready? 


Talking about mental wellness has not been promoted at all until very recently.  We have been robbed of performing at our optimum levels because we have been denied the missing link to peak performance.  

The Secret Weapon:

Well not anymore my friends, This is where I am contributing my knowledge to a  better cause; helping create the strongest athletes we have ever had.  This requires Mental wellness in the means of a life coach.  


Do you have a team surrounding you?  Do you have a Doctor, a coach, a Physical Therapist, family, teammates/friends?  Where is your Mental wellness coach to guide you to elite status?    


Did you know that professional athletes are now using life coaches to add Mental and emotional well being?  This is an asset, they have chosen one more team member and guess what happens now, to those athletes who have invested in themselves; this translates directly to their sport of choice promoting optimal athleticism. 


Do you want a new team member:

Why do you want to leave out the most important asset to your team members?  You want to get a leg up, get noticed, become whole from the inside out, I can help you get there.  Nothing can happen until your brain is engaged.  Let's make sure your are firing on all cylinders, whether you need to get your head in the game or coming back from an injury, mental rehabilitation is absolutely vital.    

When everything is in sync I guarantee you will improve as an athlete. It is scientifically proven and I am living it first hand.   

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  • I am a athlete

  • I have suffered

  • I have created significance