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You are injured and you think you have hit rock bottom. THINK AGAIN.

Are you equipped with the mindset to deal with extreme adversity, obstacles and other tragedies that will occur while you are injured?

The photo above is taken at a time where my pain level was at an all time high. I spent more time in bed that I would like to admit. It was spring and the weather was getting better and this is when we North-westerners start coming out of hibernation. Our workouts start moving from the gym to the outdoors more often. I had been working with a Physical Therapist and trying to reduce pain. I also had spinal injections to try to block the pain. My arm hurt so bad and was going numb, running was excruciatingly painful. My breath would be so labored as I was fighting through the piercing electrical shocks of pain radiating down my arm. This is the exact day I sympathized so much with those who have chronic pain like this every single day.

I had two discs replaced in my neck as they were protruding into my spinal cord causing not only physical pain but nerve pain. Nerve pain is the worst, if you have ever had it, I can sympathize. My ability to deal with most other things in my life was almost impossible as I was consumed by the pain. I was not at all equipped with the tools I needed to mentally get through this surgery. I thought I would die on the table, I was so scared. This was my NECK, I was sure they were going to hit my jugular during the incision process. My mind was telling me all these things and I went in so SCARED.

Previously to the surgery, I moved a bed down to my Grammie's home, as I was planning to recover at her home. I wanted so badly to spend this precious time just being with the one person who really is my everything. She has suffered a broken back and while she was still mobile, she was mostly bound to her home. I thought what a great opportunity to enjoy each other's company and enjoy our Boost shakes together, watch game shows and murder mysteries. As I left that very day after setting up my nest, I said goodbye gave her a hug and kiss as usual. When I reached the door to leave, she called me back. She wanted to give me another big hug and kiss. I said "Grammie, I already said goodbye. She said "well I wanted another hug and kiss." Remembering this moment brings me to tears and I can still feel her hands on my face and I see her eyes looking into my soul with the most caring nature.

The night I returned from my surgery 5-25-18, we received a phone call that Grammie was having trouble breathing. I was not at all in a place where I could travel. We arranged to take the trip the next morning and there was no one that was going to change my mind. As I awoke the next morning, my dear Grammie did not.

This was my ROCK BOTTOM. I was not prepared to handle this obstacle. I thought I was at an all time low just to be injured, in pain and not be able to train. Boy was I wrong. I have not been the same since this moment in my life. The love I have for my Grammie is unsurpassed.

In one single moment everything in your life can change. Are you prepared to handle it mentally when you get kicked while your down. It will happen, I can promise you this. Life is beautiful, ugly, happy and sad. The human experience is all of it, typically not all at once. Are you prepared to get through the struggles, sit with them, feel the feelings deep in your soul? Most of us have been conditioned to run from the feelings, sweep them under the carpet and pretend we are all good.  

It is OK to not be OK. If you haven't mastered this skill, I would love to help you. Being in this place is not somewhere you have to stay. It is hard work, but once you have the tools you will be able to overcome any adversity you may face.  

I can't put into words how much I miss my Grammie, but she is still with me every single day. She is so proud of my will and desire to help people. I have overcome adversity many times and am ready for more.

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