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Why can't I perform the way I want after injury?

You’ve been involved in your sport year in year out and it has become an integral part of you. Through your training, your strength, endurance and skills have excelled. Then all of a sudden, whether through competition or practice, you fall foul of a long term injury. Apart from the obvious physical restrictions that it can cause, there are a number of psychological and emotional issues that can arise as a result of this.

Do you find yourself holding back even though you don't consciously know you are?

I have done this over and over in my past experiences with injury. I was unconsciously holding back. Mostly for fear of re-injury but also fear of rejection.

Emotionally I was damaged and my confidence was sub par from where I was pre-injury. I did so many things that added to my self-sabotage, which you might be doing as well.

The biggest mistake I made was loss of identity. We, as athletes spend so much time, so many years, so much money invested to become the bad ass athlete we are/were. When all that comes to a screeching halt, it is no wonder that we isolate ourselves. Who are we without our daily routine of gaining super human powers through training?

Do you find yourself wondering who you are without your daily adrenaline rush? I sure did, and it caused me so much more stress than what was needed. I did that to myself.

You do NOT need to do that to yourself. That is the truth. You are still the same person.

Keep yourself involved in however you can with your peers/sport/teammates. Perhaps volunteering at local races, helping a teammate with track workouts, watching your sport on TV. Do whatever exercise you are still able to do. We have many parts to our bodies and they all need work. Perhaps this downtime will allow you to see gains in other areas that you tend to neglect. WE ALL HAVE THOSE AREAS!!!!!

I can help you get through this and perform better than ever. This is my guarantee.
With love and Strength,

Sarah Williams

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